Jul 17, 2012

Is Biden a GOP puppet master?

It certainly seems that way. How else do you explain the steady stream of gaffes from Team Romney, like this one: McCain: Palin was 'better candidate' than Romney?

Seriously? If Alaska Palin was better than Mitt Willard, shouldn't she be the nominee? Otherwise, it'd appear that in the last four years she has taken a dive (she has, but that is not the point) or that Mitt has somehow gotten better (he hasn't).

Or this one from Ed Gillespie (could very well have been Ed Rollins): RETROACTIVELY RETIRED

Can't Biden sue for patent infringement? I mean this is the guy who was trying to figure out how his parents, er, did it, in a dingy little apartment with, like, many people around.

Yes, he actually said that out loud!

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