Jul 17, 2012

Minnesota Palin is a clueless bigot!

What, me stupid?
Recently, the wingnut from Minnesota did her best imitation of a modern day McCarthy in pronouncing that the federal government was being infiltrated at "the highest levels" (I thought that we already had a Kenyan muslin as POTUS, but anyhoo,) and whom did she cite as an example?

“I am particularly interested in exactly how, given what we know from the international media about Ms. Abedin’s documented family connections with the extremist Muslim Brotherhood, she was able to avoid being disqualified for a security clearance,”

The Ms. Abedin is of course, Huma Abedin, a Muslim of Pakistani descent and the wife of the disgraced Anthony Weiner, former congressman from NY who sexted and was stupid enough to resign because Breitbart re-tweeted his erection tweet.

Weiner is Jewish, incidentally.

So let's get this connect-a-dot straight, without Beck's blackboard.

Abedin works for Hillary Clinton. Abedin has relatives. Those relatives have connections. What Minnesota Palin "knows" is that some of these are "documented connections" with the extremist Muslim Brotherhood.

Therefore, treason, Muslim alert, mass hysteria... or something equally Bachmannesque.

So let's see who else fits that Kevin Bacon six degrees of freedom.

Minnesota Palin worked with George W. Bush (who was never our President, I repeat, never our President*). George W. Bush had a father. George H. W. Bush.  George the Elder worked for the Carlyle Group. No, not just retroactively, he really did.  The Carlyle Group had investors. It is documented that some of these investors were members of the the Saudi Binladin Group, one of the largest construction companies in the Middle East. And yes, they were also members of Osama bin Laden's family.

It is one thing that the clueless bigot does not think or know what she is talking about, it is a whole 'nother level of cluelessness and timidity on part of the lamestream media. No one is asking Minnesota Palin to explain why she should not be tried for treason!

If wishes were horses, she'd contract syphilis and deny treatment because it would obviously be Obama's secret way to drag her (in drag?) before a death panel.
*Before Obama, Clinton was President.  Anything that happened from 2001 to 2008 was either Obama's fault, or Clinton's fault.

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