Feb 20, 2015

I get a little optimistic

Of all the countries that I have lived in, the USA is the most tolerant when it comes to race.  It is also the most virulent when it comes to race. OK, so I have lived in just two countries, so the above sample says nothing about the entire world in general, it is just anecdotal experience.

Continuing with the paradoxical theme, I'd say that when it comes to matters of speech, the USA is the freest nation in the world. No where is free speech as sacred as it is here, even if you find enough get louder to bully others into not exercising theirs. So much so that at times, they bully the opposition into compliance.

The mainstream media is a prime example of this. As you can find by sifting through this blog, there are enough examples of the mainstream media—and I am not talking about FOX News—where the bias is obvious against liberalism.

Heck the liberals have kowtowed to pressure and call themselves progressives. Yet, the news is decidedly conservative-leaning. Yes, even on supposedly liberal news networks like NBC. Don't believe me? Watch "Meet the Press" or as it should be known "The John McCain Hour featuring Chuck Todd."

The conservative media, at least since a melanin-heavy human was elected President, has been relentless in staging crescendos of racist overtones. Of course, it is disguised well with bombast under the umbrella of patriotism and objectivity, but it is brazen bullying.

For the large part they have succeeded. The opposition is basically sheep.

And yet in the last couple of weeks, the sheep have shown spine.  This is encouraging.  I would normally explain this, but since few read this blog, it is probably best to leave a few links, and see if anyone else shares my optimism.

1. This is eviscerating Giuliani.
2. This is not letting Bill O'Reilly get off with an anger fit.

Feb 1, 2015

Tale of Two Andys (or thoughts on the Men's 2015 Australian Open)

No, he did NOT!
It was déjà vu.

Not too long ago, we had Andy falling down from the heavens after having performed exceptionally well for years, yet unable to topple the World's Number 1 player in slams. He'd get close, but fall a tad short. Slowly, he'd fall behind the others too, and find himself looking up at additionally at five or eight up-and-coming players who would prove to be more than annoying obstacles.

This time was no different. But Andy did what he did then: revamped his coaching staff, his support team, and his playing style. Even got engaged.  He would announce this to the world, express confidence in his resurgence, and optimistically look forward to his next encounter with the top players.

Jan 28, 2015

"An armed society is a polite society"

Indeed. So when Shannon Watts the head of Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America uses words to protest gun violence, those of this "armed society" have polite responses. Some of them are:

Jan 26, 2015

Rand Paul the Con-man

Yup, he is a regular conservative. Nor libertarian, not Liberatarian, not moderate, just a wholesome Jesus-bothering conservative Republican.

He just does not want anyone to spy on him.  Others, perhaps he's fine.

Jan 16, 2015

Australian Open 2015 predictions

As always, gotta to do this.


Djokovic > Raonic
Ferrer> Dolgopolov
Berdych > AndersonR4
Federer R3 > Murray

Federer > Berdych
Djokovic > FerrerR4

Djokovic > Federer


Wozniacki R2> JankovicR1
Radwanska R4> Keys
Ivanovic Really? R1? > Halep
Sharapova > Bouchard

Radwanska > Wozniacki
Sharapova > Ivanovic

Radwanska > Sharapova


So I got the men's winner and the women's runner-up right.  Other than that, my women's predictions were spot on as usual, decimated on the first or second day.

Jan 8, 2015

The return

It is the second most important shot in tennis. Given how difficult it is to have a dominant serve, one could almost argue that if you do have merely a good serve, you'll lose far more often if additionally you have a poor return game than if you have a poor serve but a good return. History is replete with great servers causing memorable upsets, but still are relatively few when that is the only skill they excel at. On the other hand, while great returners do not have such memorable upsets on just their return game, they seem to win a lot.