Sep 12, 2014

The Art of Thinking out Loud(er): The Loudening

Like a bad penny, <— note clever pun here Penny, I'm back! Admittedly, this may not be as highly awaited a sequel as Sharknado 2, but that's only because I didn't bring any tornadoes with me. Or sharks. Since this is an election year, the right way to settle whether or not mine is a welcome return is through a totally scientific poll.

Are you furrit?
First let me get a root canal
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Jul 29, 2014

Sterling Update (End in Sight?)

So what has transpired since the last time? Doc Rivers has threatened to quit if Sterling continues as the owner.

A judge has ruled that the sale of the team can proceed. Sterling's lawsuit against the NBA now stands at Nine Billion Dollars.

I suspect the NBA will quietly settle with him over the next month or so.

Jun 9, 2014

Broken Haiku

on your first birthday
your parents loved you
so much
were in love with your tiny self
so much
Adored your clever intelligence
so much
They conceived your next sister
on your first birthday.

So why then, does she hate you?

Nearly six decades later, it is of barely any interest,
except the part where you worry about her absence,
and her well-being.

 Can't fix it now, can't change it, can't make her better.

May 30, 2014

Sterling Fracas Continued

One thing that has played true to form in this saga is Donald Sterling's response. He is proceeding predictably—something one had to have known. Heck, I knew it. I even offered a conspiracy theory, which I am now beginning to believe myself.

Turns out that the forced sale fetched a record $2 billion franchise fee for, uh, a private tirade of racism that was recorded illegally. Sterling had already won. The Bucks, as a comparison, were recently sold for a bargain price of just over half a billion. So how exactly is this not rewarding Sterling?

Still, Sterling is not satisfied. So he has proceeded to file a billion dollar lawsuit against the NBA. He may not win, but the NBA will probably settle ("so we may put the past behind us and look forward");  they are yet to categorically state what offense Sterling committed and against whom, that'd command the gargantuan penalty. As a consequence, Sterling could gain his half from the forced sale of the team and an additional settlement for his trouble, netting well over a billion dollars for a franchise that was probably worth no more than $700 million.

Who says racism does not pay off?