Apr 21, 2014

Not a skeptic, DENIALIST!

This is what's wrong with the corporate media. They are calling someone who is a science denier, a skeptic.

No, he is not, he is a denialist.  Look it up.

Security In Media: "Intelligence" - S1E11 - The Gray Hat

Show Overview:
Intelligence is an drama/action television show on CBS. The premise is that the United States Cyber Command has implanted a computer chip into one of its agents that allows them to connect to any device (via the Internet) and granting him all manner of fantastic abilities. The show follows the agent, and his team of partners and handlers as they deal with threats to national security, mostly involving terrorism and "cyber"terrorism *gag*.

As a premise, the show is fine, and I'm more than willing to grant the willing suspension of disbelief that the chip can operate as advertised and do what the show depicts that it can do. However, given the setting of the show, they naturally deal with information warfare and computer and information security in the more mundane and traditional sense, and the show consistently drops the ball on this part.

Apr 11, 2014

Heartbleed: What is it?

In the past few days, there has been a lot of information floating around about a bug known as Heartbleed. The bug affects versions of a program called OpenSSL and can allow for severe information disclosure that could be used to nullify the encryption used to connect to affected websites. Here is a simple run-down:

Apr 8, 2014

New Unbreakable Encryption based on Biology? Unlikely

It's being reported that scientists at Lancaster University have developed an 'unbreakable' encryption methodology, inspired by human biology. Their paper is here.

Admittedly, the paper is too technical for me to decipher, let alone critique. However, if what is being reported (such as here.) is an accurate representation, we can begin to scrutinize this, at least on principle.

Tick tock...

OK, so what's the latest date by which Bush, son of Bush, brother of Bush, does an about face, and claim that his words were twisted by the liberal media?