Jun 26, 2015

Wimbledon 2015


Djokovic > Cilic
Raonic R3 > Thiem R2
Murray > Nadal R2
Berdych R4> Federer

Djokovic > Raonic
Murray SF> Berdych

Djokovic > Murray


Serena > Bencic R4
Pliskova R2> Sharapova
Lisicki >  Kerber
Makarova > KvitovaR4

Serena > Pliskova
Lisicki > Makarova

Serena > Lisicki

Jun 23, 2015


Simply masterful!

Check the headlines in the aftermath of the Charleston shootings. Grief, anger, racism, cause, mourning, denial (OK, this was just the baggers, but still), guns, ... Stars and Bars.

The Confederate Flag.

Cries were loud and clear to bring down that flag from governmental buildings in South Carolina (OK, not from the baggers, but still).
Then Nikki Haley announced that she'd champion the effort and get the legislature to do so. Walmart decided that they did not need anymore Confederate dollars, so they banned all that Confederate stuff. eBay and Amazon followed.

As will many others.

With the help of a racist and unwitting MSM, the rightwing has successfully steered the conversation away from guns.

A white racist shot nine black men six black men and three black women in their church.

The debate today is whether to ban a flag, and where. Like I said, simply masterful!

Jun 22, 2015

Duplicitous baggery

31 possible cases of voter fraud have been found from 2000-2014. That is 31 out of approximately one billion votes cast in all sorts of elections over a decade and a half.

Bagger solution: Eliminate most of early voting, require specific voter id that coincidentally poses hardships for students and very old voters.  In other words, more laws.

Because apparently even a single case of voter fraud is one too many. And the existing laws are not good enough.

Firearm related homicides in the US are at about 11,000 per year.

Bagger solution: More guns. No more laws.

Because if the existing laws are insufficient to control gun violence, what's one more law going to do?  Besides, criminals do not follow laws (So since murderers do not follow the law and will murder, there is no point in having laws against murder)

May 22, 2015

French Open 2015

Djokovic > Nadal
Murray > Ferrer
NishikoriQF > BerdychR4
Wawrinka > MonfilsR4

Djokovic > Murray
Nishikori > Wawrinka

DjokovicF > Nishikori

Serena > JankovicR1
KeysR3 > KuznetsovaR2
HalepR2 > MakarovaR4
NavarroR3 > SharapovaR4

Keys > Serena
Navarro > Halep

Navarro > Keys

Djokovic will have produced the greatest start to a season ever if the predictions hold, and should complete the CYGS.

Mar 22, 2015

Here's what the MSM should be covering

Ted Cruz—one of Obama's many worst nightmares in the dreams of the tea-baggers—is going to run for President.

As everyone should know, he's a Canadian anchor-baby born of the Cuban dissident/pastor Rafael Cruz and his American wife.

Obama was born of a a Kenyan father and an American mother and in Hawaii. But that did not stop many politicians and people alike from questioning his citizenship. Even when politicians knew better, they would give an ambiguous "Well, I do not know where he was born" response.

So now that Cruz is running, this noise machine is silent. Of course, it has nothing to do with Cruz not have too much melanin in his dermis or his being a Republican, right?  Well, that's what the MSM should be relentlessly asking every single person who claim or claimed that Obama was ineligible to be POTUS.

Because, you know, that'd be fair, balanced and would go a long way towards showing that the MSM is not racist.  No, now is NOT the time to "rise above the fray." or "take the high road," or "avoid a circus," or any of the vomit they are going to provide as a reason.

C'mon MSM, do your job!

Feb 20, 2015

I get a little optimistic

Of all the countries that I have lived in, the USA is the most tolerant when it comes to race.  It is also the most virulent when it comes to race. OK, so I have lived in just two countries, so the above sample says nothing about the entire world in general, it is just anecdotal experience.

Continuing with the paradoxical theme, I'd say that when it comes to matters of speech, the USA is the freest nation in the world. No where is free speech as sacred as it is here, even if you find enough get louder to bully others into not exercising theirs. So much so that at times, they bully the opposition into compliance.

The mainstream media is a prime example of this. As you can find by sifting through this blog, there are enough examples of the mainstream media—and I am not talking about FOX News—where the bias is obvious against liberalism.

Heck the liberals have kowtowed to pressure and call themselves progressives. Yet, the news is decidedly conservative-leaning. Yes, even on supposedly liberal news networks like NBC. Don't believe me? Watch "Meet the Press" or as it should be known "The John McCain Hour featuring Chuck Todd."

The conservative media, at least since a melanin-heavy human was elected President, has been relentless in staging crescendos of racist overtones. Of course, it is disguised well with bombast under the umbrella of patriotism and objectivity, but it is brazen bullying.

For the large part they have succeeded. The opposition is basically sheep.

And yet in the last couple of weeks, the sheep have shown spine.  This is encouraging.  I would normally explain this, but since few read this blog, it is probably best to leave a few links, and see if anyone else shares my optimism.

1. This is eviscerating Giuliani.
2. This is not letting Bill O'Reilly get off with an anger fit.