May 21, 2016

French Open 2016 predictions

Sad, an era might be coming to an end.  No Federer in a slam since...the last century.  His days of winning slams are over, but he was still a top ten player with an elegant style the likes of which will never be seen.

BUT, this is Djokovic's time. Oh so close last year, and just one unreal Wawrinka in the French Open away from having the best year in tennis history, he has, improbably, shown that he could top that in 2016.

He should be the firm favorite although he may have a few more obstacles in his way this year than he did in 2015.  I expect him to win it, but with a few hiccups.

However, this is a different prediction: a "no guts, no glory" version.



QF: Djokovic > Ferrer, Rafa > Goffin, Wawrinka > Pouille, Murray > Nishikori
SF: Djokovic > Rafa, Murray > Wawrinka
F: Djokovic > Murray


QF: Vika > Serena, Keys > Falconi, Muguruza > Vinci, Halep > Garcia
SF: Vika > Keys, Halep > Muguruza
F: Vika > Halep

Mar 17, 2016

OMG! OMG! OMG! Can you believe this?

So this happened in February 2016: Justice Scalia died. And unexpectedly, President Obama got the opportunity to nominate another judge to the Supreme Court.

How did the Republicans respond?  Within minutes, the battle lines were drawn with warnings that President Obama should not be doing so because his mandate was stale. They then escalated the threat to a new level: they refused to even consider anyone President Obama would nominate. Forget confirmation hearings, they vowed to not even meet with him.

Heck, Mitch paid him a personal visit to tell him that:

Mar 2, 2016

Brazen, yet Unnoticed

Go ahead, take a look at that headline, and tell me what's wrong.

Can't? Read the article, then:

I'll give you one more hint:

"We're finished with Rubio," Ailes recently told a Fox host. "We can't do the Rubio thing anymore."
It is not that Rubio is "out."  But that a supposed news organization is openly providing a politician unstinting support to boost his chances. Forget that such is grossly unethical for a second.  What does it say when the rest of the media ignores that offense and instead are somewhat joyous that the politician is getting dumped?

Feb 14, 2016

A Starr is Born

One of the most consequential of the Supreme Court justices over the last half a century died yesterday, at the now not-so-old age of 79.

Antonin Scalia was confirmed in 1986 by a 98-0 vote by a Republican majority (narrow, 53-47) Senate. He had by then established himself as a staunch supporter of presidential executive privilege under President Ford and was expected to be the Solicitor General of the US under President Reagan but was passed over. A devout Catholic with nine children, Scalia often presented an exceptionally astute rationale for his positions, which when combined with his caustic wit often glossed over or excused his rather overt dedication to conservatism—or strict originalism as he was often credited with. Whatever one might have thought of his rationale, even his most ardent critics acknowledged his judicial intellect. His disdain for his fellow colleagues became increasingly apparent with age, and terms like 'jiggery-pokery' became popular in pop culture.

Feb 10, 2016

Taxpayers Fund Scientology "Research" on Veterans

Results of a clinical trial were completed in December 2015 for Gulf War illness to study an "innovative detoxification program." The trial is described at  the US NIH clinical trial study website.
What was the test program? It was the  Hubbard Detoxification Method, developed by the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. It's also used by the Church of Scientology as an introductory service, and believed by Scientologists to be the only way to deal with the long-term effects of "toxic exposure."

Feb 9, 2016


The following ontological argument attributed to Anselm is sometimes cited as a proof of God. It does not say which God, but somehow makes a quick jump to Jesus. It goes like this:
  1. By definition, God is a being than which none greater can be imagined.
  2. A being that necessarily exists in reality is greater than a being that does not necessarily exist.
  3. Thus, by definition, if God exists as an idea in the mind but does not necessarily exist in reality, then we can imagine something that is greater than God.
  4. But we cannot imagine something that is greater than God.
  5. Thus, if God exists in the mind as an idea, then God necessarily exists in reality.
  6. God exists in the mind as an idea.
  7. Therefore, God necessarily exists in reality.

Feb 5, 2016

Progress Needed in Global Women's Education

In the Global section of the Nov. 2, 2015 issue of The Atlantic, US First Lady Michelle Obama says,
Right now, 62 million girls worldwide are not in school. They’re receiving no formal education at all – no reading, no writing, no math – none of the basic skills they need to provide for themselves and their families, and contribute fully to their countries.

Jan 15, 2016

Australian Open 2016


Djokovic > Tsonga
Dimitrov > Berdych
Wawrinka > Nadal
Murray > Ferrer

Djokovic > Dimitrov
Murray > Wawrinka

Djokovic > Murray


Sharapova > Serena
Cibulkova > Sloane
Azarenka > Kerber
Halep > Pliskova

Sharapova > Cibulkova
Azarenka > Halep

Sharapova > Azarenka