Jan 26, 2015

Rand Paul the Con-man

Yup, he is a regular conservative. Nor libertarian, not Liberatarian, not moderate, just a wholesome Jesus-bothering conservative Republican.

He just does not want anyone to spy on him.  Others, perhaps he's fine.

Jan 16, 2015

Australian Open 2015 predictions

As always, gotta to do this.


Djokovic > Raonic
Ferrer> Dolgopolov
Berdych > AndersonR4
Federer R3 > Murray

Federer > Berdych
Djokovic > FerrerR4

Djokovic > Federer


Wozniacki R2> JankovicR1
Radwanska R4> Keys
Ivanovic Really? R1? > Halep
Sharapova > Bouchard

Radwanska > Wozniacki
Sharapova > Ivanovic

Radwanska > Sharapova

Jan 8, 2015

The return

It is the second most important shot in tennis. Given how difficult it is to have a dominant serve, one could almost argue that if you do not have a great serve, you'll lose far more often if additionally you have a poor return game than if you have a poor serve but a good return. History is replete with great servers causing memorable upsets, but still are relatively few when that is the only skill they excel at. On the other hand, while great returners do not have such memorable upsets on just their return game, they seem to win a lot.

Nov 23, 2014

Two Deep vs.Too Deep

At least that's how some of the wishful thinkers who were predicting the Davis Cup were gossiping. Switzerland with two top five players against an assortment of French players ranked just outside the top ten to just within the top fifty. The next Swiss player was in a different continent...

...on a different planet.

The Theory of Depth went so far as to completely discount the chances of the Swiss team. Federer and Wawrinka would be tired, the French would be fresh and playing at home. Two stalwarts could punish the Swiss on day 1, and then two other equally competent stalwarts could finish them off in the reverse singles.

Nov 19, 2014

Sampras the disappasionate

One of the most boring champions of our time was a generally grouchy dude named Sampras. The man is known for the dizzying heights he reached at Wimby but was generally associated with having no heart early in his career, most notably called out by Connors after Sampras had expressed indifference about being excellent. Or something that usually pissed off Connors.

Like opponents breathing air.

Sampras's first two Davis Cup finals were not so memorable, the first one was a thumping by the French in 1991, and the second, while a win over the Swiss was a bad consolation as his inclusion was with an aging Mac in the doubles, while the prime slots went to Courier and Agassi.

See how I cleverly made the connection with France and Switzerland, this year's (2014) finalists?

Nov 18, 2014

One Mississippi, Two Mississippi...

Ok, so the wingnuts patriots are not satisfied until the South Confederacy has risen again. So they're going boldly where no Mississippians have gone before. With a Heritage Initiative. Because this is all about heritage and has nothing to do with social conservatism or racism or Christianism or anything like that. It is just about recognizing their heritage, that's all. Oh, and also religion, official language, state flag, nickname, song, motto, and state university mascots.

University mascots are part of heritage? Seriously?