Oct 16, 2012

Pissfest 2012 Preview, Crowley edition

Upon us, yes it is.

Second mano-a-mano town hall debate.

Kenyan Muslin takes on The Resurgent Mormon.

Well, hate to disappoint you, but this is not going to change anything.

  • Obama wins this one because of lowered expectations for him, heightened ones for Romney, and well, it is Obama's turn.
  • Chris Matthews will be giddy, Hannity apoplectic over Crowley being in the bag for Obama, and also because conspiracy, theft...OMG WHERE WILL IT STOP!
  • Nate Silver's analysis officially shows a toss-up by Friday at the latest. By next week, it'd be showing a lead in the electoral college for Romney.

For much the same reason I have been mentioning earlier: Romney SuperPACs have been going all in for a while.

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