Sep 9, 2012

If Mitt Bullshits and the Media Isn't Around...

Is he still accountable?

Well, how about if the media is around, and actually prompted the questions that led to his steady stream of bullshit?

Word has it that the insipid Empty Chair Yellathon, otherwise known as the Republican National Convention failed to inspire the voters, whereas the Continuing Slick Willy Love Story, otherwise known as the Democratic National Convention did give Obama and the Democrats a pretty big bump.

So with two months left, and Mitt never having taken a position that he did not immediately, or upon reflection on the polls, repudiate, Obamacare was back in the conversation.

You know the the one that Romney retroactively implemented in Massachusetts, and the one Obama's version was modeled after?

Yup, that one. Turns out that when Mitt said that he would repeal it on Day 1 of his presidency, he did not mean all of it. He always meant to repeal only those parts that were, you know, evil.

Here's what he said this weekend:
Romney: Well, I'm not getting rid of all of healthcare reform. Of course, there are a number of things that I like in healthcare reform that I'm going to put in place. One is to make sure that those with pre-existing conditions can get coverage. Two is to assure that the marketplace allows for individuals to have policies that cover their family up to whatever age they might like.
Soon after Obamacare was upheld by even the blatantly political Supreme Court, he had echoed much the same sentiment:
  1. Disallow insurance companies to refuse coverage to those with pre-existing conditions;
  2. Allow children to remain on their parents' healthcare plan;
  3. Help states out so that every American has access to healthcare.
Well, gosh darn Willard, isn't that what Obamacare does? um, er, TENTH AMENDMENT was the theme of the sputtered responses from him and his minions.
So Mitt, how are you going to pay for your re-implementation of Obamacare?
Not a single asshole in the corporate owned media thinks of asking him that. Not one.

But rewind to another conversation between Brett Baier and Mitt after the DNC.
Baier: To hear several speakers in Charlotte – and I don’t think this is a jump – they were essentially saying you don’t care about the U.S. military because you didn’t mention U.S. troops and the war in Afghanistan in your nomination acceptance speech. We understand you went to the American Legion the day before and you talked about the service and sacrifice of the military there. Do you regret opening up this line of attack, now a recurring attack, by leaving out that issue in the speech?
[Emphasis mine]

Note that bullshit softball from a "fair and balanced" reporter. He is asking Mitt whether he regrets that the Democrats are despicable to question Mitt's omission.

Of course, Mitt struck out swinging:
Romney: I only regret you repeating it day in and day out. [cackling sound]
Baier must have blown a gasket when he got spit in the face by a guy he was trying to help, so he pressed on with "You fucking moron, I am trying to help you here!"  Of course he put it much more nicely
Baier: Well, I mean, what just came from Charlotte...
Take it away Mitt, I like to see how you end up fucking yourself even more.
Romney: Because when you give a speech, you don’t give a laundry list. You talk about the things that you think are important. And I described in my speech my commitment to a strong military unlike the President’s decision to cut our military. And I didn’t use the word troops, I used the word military. I think they refer to the same thing.
[Emphasis mine]

Got that? Mitt only talks about important things. The troops fighting in Afghanistan were not talked about.

Also military (spending) = troops (spending), well, Mitt is even almost sure of that.


ksec said...

Mitts a pathological liar.

ksec said...

Mitts a pathological liar.

Brentalfloss said...

Wow, Paul Ryan likes Rage and Romney listens to Tool?!! I am so voting for them! Thank you for posting this.