Sep 2, 2012

Eastwood (R - INO)

Clint Eastwood stepped up after The Donald's surprise appearance announcement caused blogs to speculate that he'd run a stale shtick of "You're fired!" on some Obama impersonator, and since that was exactly what The Donald was apparently planning, he quit.

So in steps Dirty Harry, and delivers a dozen minute long soliloquy rambling incoherently at an empty chair in a speech emblematic of the empty Republican principles that has produced a Romney-Ryan candidacy for 2012.

Let's see. Clint Eastwood pretends to be a tough guy on crime, because he is a movie star who plays a tough guy on the screen. He pretends to berate a disastrous Obama, because he is conducting a conversation with an empty chair. He must have connected, eerily, if you think about it, with the audience because most of them claim to do exactly that with a celestial dictator.

Remember, this is Clint Eastwood who is a supporter of marriage equality, was sympathetic in his speech to Obama's opposition of the Iraq war, and his only opposition to Obama on Afghanistan was that he announced a date for end of hostilities.

Then there is his family values cred, which should resonate so well poorly with the boastful pro-family-nouncements often made by Republicans: Seven children from five women, only two of whom were ever married to him, but true to their hypocritical self, it did not and does not matter.

But he did serve his country. Eastwood was in the army during the Korean war. Stationed as a lifeguard in California, but still, that counts, right?

Yes it does, unlike that John Kerry's record. For these Republicans. All of it? Yes, they are all that hypocritical, and mostly that hateful of the black-skinned guy in the White House.

Too bad, I'll still enjoy his movies, because they are entertaining and well acted. After all, he convinced an auditorium filled with Republicans that he stands for everything that they do. In the end, they had a old angry white guy, who berated an invisible black guy.

Lindsey Graham, senior senator from the great state of South Carolina, come in, over.
“The demographics race we’re losing badly, we’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long-term.”
See, if only Clint was angry.

UPDATE: Alaska Palin is angry (at being left out at the RNC), so she's mimicking Eastwood. Quick, who was more invisible at the RNC, Obama or Alaska Palin?

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