Sep 5, 2012

A Tale of Two Presidents

One was impeached, yet he never polled higher than right after his virulently partisan impeachment was carried out over a blowjob, ahem, during a lame duck session of Congress, a time that the GOTP warns is never to be used for anything important.

Yet that articulate President is so popular even today that he may have provided the momentum necessary to a sputtering re-election campaign. A psychologist hour fifty minute long speech carefully debunking untruths that needed to be debunked because the mainstream media would not do it. Stimulus, healthcare, regulation, tax cuts, economy, job creation, debt creation, he covered it all. Practically crystallized the case for the re-election of a President who has presided over some scary unemployment figures.

The other was never heard from. No one mentions him. It is almost as if he was never President. An old white guy who supports marriage equality, boasting of seven children from five women, talking to an empty chair was seen as the clearly better choice, even as his party favors exactly the same policies of The One Who Shall Not Be Named.

The killer stat? "Since 1961, for 52 years now, the Republicans have held the White House 28 years, the Democrats 24," Clinton said. "In those 52 years, our private economy produced 66 million private-sector jobs. So what's the jobs score? Republicans 24 million, Democrats 42 million."

Wondering how the Democrats are going to blow this one. Oh c'mon, you know they will!

UPDATE: Slick Willy's speech was a fact-checker's nightmare. Did not produce the usual number of untruths, so that they had to make do with exaggerations.  Wonder what would happen if they did the same to Ryan's speech.  That is, count the exaggerations after they are done with the lies.

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rappoccio said...

This talk was so good I actually didn't bother switching over at 11 Eastern to watch the Daily Show! My wife and I were still saying "ARITHMETIC!" and giggling like schoolgirls on the way to work this morning.