Jul 17, 2012

Extra! Extra! Cuban Arab bashes Kenyan Muslin

Apparently the Kenyan muslin needs ‘to learn how to be an American

Yup, being black, born in Hawaii, having two birth certificates, and usurping the Presidency just does not go as far as it used to. None of that "cachet value" can be found in such accomplishments, nor do you become American by doing all that. What you really need are surrogates. No, not that kind that stupidly carry a baby bump, but one that looks like this one:
Romney was either retroactively neutered or wore magic underwear, because he did not have sex with anyone to produce that lump of flesh.

Besides, everyone knows that Sununu is Mensa+steroids so obviously he knows what he is talking about. Yes, being born in Cuba of a Palestinian father, just like baby Jesus's surrogate dad, he knows what it means to be an American. Taking taxpayer government supplied jets to "fat-cat Republican fund-raisers, ski lodges, golf resorts and even his dentist in Boston" and spending only about $900 for his more than $600,000 worth of gubmint jet travel. Forget Priceline and Expedia, this guy knows a deal when he sees it.

He also singlehandedly saved the US postal service by buying rare stamps in New York, using a limousine to travel from DC to the auction, and then flying back on a chartered jet, sending the limo empty.

That's how he rolled, bitches!

Yes, that guy is asking Obama to learn to be an American.

In other news, the ex-fat bastard claims that the Kenyan muslin hates America.

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