Jul 25, 2012

Bain attacks are not working


You know the Obama campaign's Bain attacks on Romney are working when

A. Rush Limbaugh conjures up a dumb ass conspiracy that the villain in the new Batman movie is Bane, a homophone of Bain (get it?), which is, as any Rush Listener can see, clear sign that Hollywood is in the bag for Obama.
B. The ilk of the Palins proclaim that not only will this not work, it'll backfire on Obama and then...
C. Unnamed and named Republican strategists whine that Bain is just like Swiftboating.
D. Polls indicate that the Bain attacks are effective in the swing states.
E. All of the above.

Answer: E.

Seriously how bad is the Romney campaign when it will buckle to this Swiftboating by Obama that he cannot make his case against a President under whom unemployment has remained staggeringly high, has to resort to lying about "they did not build that" and is losing ground with these Bain attacks.

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