Nov 2, 2014

A guide to the outrage you should have over the Barclays ATP WTF 2014* draw

Before the draw is official, that is; so this is an unofficial analysis. This way you can evaluate the injustice yourself.

As it stands, Nadal is not playing and the rankings are, in order
  1. Novak Djokovic
  2. Roger Federer
  3. Stan Wawrinka
  4. Kei Nishikori
  5. Andy Murray
  6. Tomas Berdych
  7. Milos Raonic
  8. Marin Cilic
The way it goes is that the 1. and 2. players are placed in opposite groups, and lots are drawn to pick who plays where. Clearly, there is a conspiracy.

Consider that Djokovic is in Group A, and Federer in Group B.

Now, between 3. and 4. imagine if Wawrinka draws Group A.
"The fuck!  I am not normally one to subscribe to conspiracy theories, but this one reeks. Wawrinka BEAT Djokovic at the Australian Open, and he is well-rested. Once again Federer gets a beat-up worn out player in Nishikori, and they call this fair?"
If by some chance Nishikori draws Group A instead.
"The fuck!  I am not normally one to subscribe to conspiracy theories, but this one reeks.  Kei beat Djokovic at the US Open, and Wawrinka has lost 3 of 4, so he is not beating anyone, let alone his Swiss countryman. Federer once again gets a powder-puff draw!"
Moving on to the next set. Suppose Murray draws Group A.
"I knew this would happen. Murray has been on a tear this fall, and has won three tournaments in a row, and Berdych has been slumping. Figures, they want to give Federer an easy draw and not give him any players who are 11-11 career all-time against him."
If Berdych drew Group A instead?
"This is ridiculous. Just after Murray has been beaten to a pulp by Djokovic, they hand him to Federer.  Knowing fully well how Berdych is the most likely guy to beat Federer, given how often he has done it, he is the danger guy for Federer and Murray'd have been a cakewalk for Djokovic like he was in Bercy. Once again, Federer gets a cupcake opponent"
Moving on, if Raonic draws Group A.
"Is this a conspiracy or what? Raonic hammers Federer on an indoor surface recently, and quietly the ATP decides to give him an easier, injured opponent in Cilic. Absolutely ridiculous!"
If Cilic draws Group A.
"THIS PROVES IT!  Djokovic just hammered Raonic to a pulp, and Cilic destroyed Federer at the US Open, so guess what? They save Raonic for Federer, and hand Djokovic the toughest opponent there is, and that too well-rested."

* tournament does not count, since Nadal is not playing.

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