Nov 5, 2014

Kentucky Proud!

Democrats couldn't be prouder of Alison Lundergan Grimes. As they couldn't be any prouder of any Democrat who ran in the 2014 elections. Something to be proud of, especially the way they proudly stood for principles.

What principles, you ask?

Alison Grimes stood with Kentucky coal.  Because fat-free butter clean coal is the wave of the future. Not alternate energy sources like solar or wind, but clean coal. Cleaner the better!

And she proudly stood for that.

What about Obamacare? She proudly stood for something better: AlisonCares. Which is, like, not Obamacare.

What else?

She proudly stood for her constitutional right declining to state whether she voted for Obama. No one fought harder for that right than Alison Grimes. Good thing too, because now we'll never know for certain whether a Obama delegate from Kentucky voted for Obama. She did it to emphasize her independence from Obama, who was not running for Senator in Kentucky. Most people did not realize that till she fought tooth and nail for her right.

Democrats should be proud of her. For her courage, unstinting adherence to clean coal, and fighting for the right to not say who she voted for.  Exactly what Kentuckians were looking in a candidate. The election night upset of McConnell by a razor-thin 56-41 margin confirmed that. I hope she runs again in a few years so that Democrats could be proud that she's not a quitter, or that like President Al Gore, she was not going to run on a sitting President's coattails.


Unknown said...

I didn't sign in first so my whole message went down the tubes...intertubes...dontcha know?!
I agree on the Alison post...had much more to say but...well, you know how the story goes.
Love your writing, keep it up, the underlying cynicism is gorgeous...( brownback) hehehe...they don't know what hit them ;)

Tried following you on Twitter but I think you're outta there?

Staid Winnow said...

Thank you for reading. Yes, off Twitter. Too narcissistic. (Even for me :-0)