Nov 15, 2012

Bad Cop...Good Cop

The "47 percent remark" cost Mitt Romney heavily. I do not think it was the single reason why he lost it, but it weighed heavily in his defeat. A disdain so viciously articulated in front of a friendly private audience when you are expected to speak truthfully does not augur well when those who are never supposed to hear it, do get to hear it.

So ask yourself why would Mitt do it again? On a telephone conference call, where he knew reporters from the media would be listening, and surely one or more of them would be recording it.

"Because Mitt is an idiot!"

Nope, wrong, try again.

"Mitt misspoke"

Nope, he meant what he said, because it was said a second time.

"Mitt really believes the nonsense about his 47 percent"

Yes, but why would he articulate it?

The point is that Mitt is done in the GOP. He will never run again, appear at RNCs, appear with other Republicans on the campaign trail, or shape anyone else's election strategy.

He is done, done as in George the Younger.  Finished.  The End.

"Why then?"

Glad you asked. The simple reason is "Because Mitt and the GOP actually still believe what Mitt said!"


C'mon, do not act surprised, they all know what Mitt meant when he first said it, and they know it now, and they actually believe it.

"But didn't a whole bunch of Republicans denounce him for it?"

Yes, the bunch currently includes, among others Bobby Jindal, Kelly Ayotte and Marco Rubio.

"See, those are sensible Republicans. We need to hear from more of them."

Yes, if they actually disagreed with Romney.  The fact is that they do not.

"How can you tell?"

Well, check their past denouncements of that sentiment.  Go ahead, find what they have done to oppose that  notion of 47 percent moochers.

"So why?"

They are playing good cop. They gain instant credibility for the GOP without doing a damn thing. It's Mitt's parting gift to the GOP.

And our inept media will not ask "Say Bobby, why were you so quiet when Romney first said this?" or "Ms. Ayotte, but isn't what Mitt saying consistent with the comments your party makes about Obama being a food stamps President?" or "Senator Rubio, why is this position different from the Mitt Romney's that you did not oppose in September?"

This won't get much play on FOX "News" or right wing media. In fact, they'll end up demonizing Jindal, Ayotte and Rubio. [update: 11/16/2012 FOX "News" may actually agree with Romney.] They are never running for national office.

But this will get played on the other mainstream media.  Why?  So as to soften the GOP image among the Democrats and Independents.

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rappoccio said...

Yeah, when the alternatives are "frothing at the mouth lunatics", even extreme right-wing people who can form a coherent sentence seem reasonable by comparison. It's like saying you can either pay someone $20, or get punched in the nose.

So basically, it's extortion! ;)