Nov 15, 2012

Conservative Values, Part 187123

Remember Dr. Red Dildo?

Turns out that conservatives values are strongly steeped in hypocrisy.  Just as I suspected. Dr. Dildo won re-election by a whopping margin in his Tennessee district running on a platform of family values, pro-life and "hey look, black guy is the President." It did not matter that he had an affair with one of his patients.  It did not matter that he had an affair with two of his patients. It did not matter that he pressured his mistress to consider an abortion.

Because conservatives believe in pro-life and family values.

Well, turns out that when he was married, he mutually decided with his wife that she should have an abortion or two.


That story came out recently as papers from his divorce proceedings were released.

That is bad for Dr. Dildo. Had they been leaked during the election, he'd have won by a bigger margin than a mere 56 to 44 squeaker. The extra money he saved could have been well spent on flying his next mistress to Washington for an abortion.

God bless Tennessee and its good people. They deserve staunch defenders of life, and family values.

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Tim Richardson said...

HAHAHAHAHA you're right, TN-4 will get what it deserves that's why much of rural TN is widely known to be the rural backwater that it is.