Oct 8, 2012

Pissfest 2012, Preview of Ryan O' Biden edition

Thursday will be here sooner than we think. If it is not raining, I'll be playing three sets of tennis. The rest of you folks will be glued to the boob-tube, waiting on every single word from the mouths of The Marathon Man and the moderator Martha Raddatz.

And some of Biden's too, especially the sex-related gaffes that he will undoubtedly let fly.

Expectations are being lowered to the point that had Alaska Palin been in this one, she'd have won had she just promised to show up.

At any rate, here's what to expect from the rightwingnuts:
  • Paul Ryan destroyed Obama;
  • Biden is a liability to Obama and should be dropped from the ticket for embarrassing himself so much;
  • The mainstream media pressured liberal moderator Raddatz into shutting Ryan down;
  • Ryan won the debate by a landslide;
  • Polls are biased if Romney is not ahead by 25 points the next day!
And the leftwingnuts? Here:
  • Biden performed much better than Obama, and actually was better than expected, so he won;
  • Ryan lied. Can you believe how evil Ryan is to lie like that?
  • Even Romney disagrees with what Ryan said;
  • Ryan does not care for minorities, middle class, poor, blacks, olds, women and anyone not named Ayn Rand;
  • Obama made a mistake not going after Romney in the last debate
That's about it, really.

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