Oct 31, 2012

A Simple Question

Mitt Romney was elected governor of Massachusetts, a Democratic stronghold over the decades. He claims to have worked well with Democrats there, and that people loved what he did for the state.

So why is he trailing Obama in the state polls by a margin of twenty points? Remember, it was just two years ago that Massachusetts elected Scott Brown over Martha Coakley by about four points, and he is still running neck and neck with Elizabeth Warren in the 2012 election polls.

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rappoccio said...

I think that the "local" elections actually have a larger turnout among the rural areas of Massachusetts. Boston and the environs are, as expected, more complete with lower-income people who tend to vote for Democrats, so if they don't come out for the non-critical elections, things go badly for the Dem's. The Brown win over Coakley was a shining example of how stupidly an election can go if one party doesn't take it seriously. The Dems ran a "shit, we'll get it because ol' Teddie will make it happen from beyond the grave" campaign, apparently. It was a disaster. The Warren team is running a much more well-organized campaign.