Sep 3, 2012

Ghost of Reagan

Paul Ryan plans to campaign on one issue in Wisconsin, at least for now:
"Are you better off than you were four years ago?"
Do not know about Wisconsinites, but basically no. I'm worse off today than I was four years ago. My 401K is slightly better when it should have been a LOT better. I make a little more money when it should have been a LOT more money. My health is a LOT worse than it was four years ago, but I suppose I cannot blame that on the government since my health plan is about the same or perhaps a tad better.

However, ask me the same question in another fifteen days.


rappoccio said...

What's curious is that many of the economic indicators aren't all THAT bad. Now, they're not stellar, but it's showing signs of healthy growth. However, I remember a year or two ago, when economists declared that the recession was "over", and all of a sudden the news reporters were reporting about all the signs of progress.

Then someone says that people are still having problems with getting jobs (despite lots of people having been bailed out by the Obama administration or getting jobs in a recovering economy), and then the news stories are all about people being unemployed, without any context whatsoever.

This is basically why I stopped watching the news commentary altogether. It's a self-sustaining cycle of hype. It realizes itself because it gets repeated often enough!

Bretta said...

What happens in 15 days? (or 12 more)

Staid Winnow said...

We mark the anniversary of the financial crash. And Palin's. You see, four years ago at this point, Lehman bros. were handed a AAA rating. Fifteen days before they went belly up.

In fifteen days my answer to the seminal question changes.