Mar 23, 2012

Wishing ill

"If wishes were horses, beggars would ride" is an old Pom saying. In short, wishes do nothing other than satiate one's vicarious needs.


"If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all" is another, but that one is appealing to irrational politeness, even demanding it.  Why would one want to say something, er, not nice? And why should one not respond in kind?

It brings me to the rancor that is prevalent at the national level, particularly dominated by one political party. I do not have to mention that party, you already know! In fact, since you know, if you belong to that party, you are already thinking of clever ways to wordsmith it to attack the other.

Witness the latest rant: Pat Robertson's wishful thinking that Peyton Manning be injured. Of course his press representative denies that it was anything like that, but his tirade was unmistakable. He was furious that a lucky Christian who waded into spectacular wins despite a clear lack of skills was going to be displaced from his precarious starting assignment by a guaranteed HoF-amer, and most likely the most prolific QB-to-be of all time.
Now, I have never cared a whole lot about Manning, given that he obliterated most of my favorite's records when it came to prolific-ness.  Yes, Marino has been surpassed by Manning for most records that matter, or soon will be.

But what is apparent to even the most casual of observers is that Manning, a year out of the action, and coming back from a potential career-ending injury is still better than a Tebowing Tebow.  

At football.

While this may surprise many, I actually have little against Tebow. He is a gaudy Christian, wearing his faith below, er, his eyes, a poor QB, and a game trier  all of which make him a good role-model for hard work, and I suppose, faith.

Faith does not win football games, and Tebow happened to have struck the fortuitous combination of luck and perseverance to enjoy some dramatic success last season, before crashing in a heap. But he enjoyed success that was welcomed, but not enough to fool Elway and the management at Broncos, who promptly dumped him for loose change/a 4th round draft pick!

Adios muchacho!

OK, that was all routine, after all professional football is a business.

So what is Pat Robertson upset about?  He is upset that a ready-made Christian story is being nipped in the bud, and the other Christian is not white, he is Asian!

If Pat Robertson can wish ill for Manning, it is reasonable to wish for Pat to die a painful death, or live a long painful existence.  For a spine crippling injury that hurts and hurts for a decade.  Or a tub of acid to burn his body.  Or for 3rd degree burns to consume over 73% of his skin and the pain is unbearable.

Yeah, it is not going to come true (alas!), but why would it be wrong to wish that?

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