Mar 25, 2012

Moving right is not just a fear

As if any more evidence was needed whether the Overton window has moved frighteningly to the right, the Dems announced that they will not be doing anything to rattle the strongly homophobic black voting bloc.
In the past month, almost half of all Democratic senators, several of Obama's national campaign co-chairs, the House Minority Leader and the chairman of the Democratic convention, among others, have said they support adding marriage equality to the platform.
This is particularly odd, because it is not as if the Dems have to show a spine here; a majority of Americans already favor such equality.  So when you look at almost half of... you have to wonder if the Dems in Congress are not more extreme than the people they represent. We already know that such was the case with the Republicans, because 97% of them oppose the scientific theories of man-made global warming, far more than their constituents!

So what has happened here?  Nothing, other than the Overton window has moved so far right that Ronald Reagan can now be legitimately considered a liberal by these standards.

And Obama? He is still as slimy, refusing to take a position on gay marriage. Well, I should say refusing to take a new position on gay marriage, since he has come out against it in the past. But he needs the voting bloc and their money. At this rate, I would not be surprised if gay marriage becomes a reality under a Republican administration and the party of bigotry gets the credit for being the party for equality.

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rappoccio said...

It's very interesting, too. As the population shifts to the left, the politicians do indeed shift more and more to the right. Maybe because they realize that no matter what, the leftists will vote for the leftmost candidates regardless of position.

Great post!