Nov 24, 2011

The PuffHo censors, too.

Well, there was this mushy ejaculation of thanksgiving projectiles over at the Huffington Post, and the head ho of the PuffHo said something about "Occupying Gratitude" (I kid you not, she really did say something that yeasty!)

In my infinite wisdom I saw it fit to post this:
Arianna should also be happy that unpaid writers and bloggers made her a fortune, and that legally she was not obligated to share her riches with them. Surely $315 million is not something you earn by yourself, as she'll tell you herself.
In this respect, she's no different than Alaska Palin.
Naturally, they said "no, thanks!"

But here it is, anyway.

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Bretta said...

Well said. It needed to be said. I'm glad someone said it.