Nov 26, 2011

I feel so left out...

There was "Move Your Money Day" November 5th, in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protesters who are pointing out that bankers destroyed the American economy with the big crash of 2008, before the end of George W. Bush's second term.

But my accounts have been in credit unions for more than 36 years, so nothing more I could do there.

Now there's "Small Business Saturday" where, in protest of the big business insanity of incite-to-riot and pepper spraying shoppers, we are requested to shop at our local businesses to help keep them afloat, after all, they are the "job creators" not the one percent wealthiest Americans.

The One Percent Wealthiest are not the job creators as the Republicans would have us believe; middle-class business people are.

But I have shopped the local Farmers' Markets each week for years and years, as well as other locally-owned businesses, eschewing, for the most part, the chain stores. I eat mostly vegetables and seafood; still shopping the farmers even now that winter has set in, now that they come to a local mall with their potatoes and carrots, cheese and eggs, spices and mushrooms and meat.

I rarely eat beef because it contributes more to global warming than cars do. I drive a car with decent gas mileage but also maintain the tires and fluids to minimize negative effects on our air, soil and water. I use a push mower and compost nearly all the household waste, and recycle paper and containers. I conserve water and keep the home thermostat at 65 degrees F.

I do what I can.

When will our politicians see fit to behave responsibly to the 99 percent, not to mention the earth?

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Staid Winnow said...

Sometimes you cannot improve upon perfection. Carnot's engine is not perfect, and yet it is the most efficient combustion engine we know.

As least you are not just theoretical.