Nov 28, 2011

Unintended Consequences of Republican Activities

Republicans, staunch defenders of the worlds largest and most successful system of socialism, the US Military, may have set themselves up for an awkward moment:

The US Military consumes half of every annual tax dollar we pay; half is spent on current operations and maintenance, and half is spent by the Veterans Administration on social issues of service members and their dependents and survivors.

The US Military is a huge socialist program, not without benefit to this great country of ours, but still, it is not an enterprise system, except for the monies channeled into the private industrial contractors, who are not, as the Republicans tout, job creators.

The US taxpayer is.


IndependentCuss said...

B..b...b...uttt, I thought that the V.A. hospitals were socialized medicine, just like Obamacare, only there is no requirement to buy insurance...just work for sub-minimum wage in the military for a couple of years, and get coverage for life.

Gosh, ain't socialism a beautiful thing, when it wears a uni and carries a gun.

Staid Winnow said...

This is true, and will hold, but I have faith in the Dems and Obama.

They will cave in, and have the defense cuts restored.

They were not cuts to begin with, they were cuts to the increases planned. That is, instead of 69% increase in defense spending, the cuts will restrict the increase to only 23%.

Imagine if you had to endure cuts like that in your job!