Sep 17, 2011

Update on Obama's failed jobs bill

Even before he addressed a joint session of Congress when Boehner finally let him, I had announced his plan to be a failure. At least twice. And once more after his speech.

What I said was that the stimulus was too small and misdirected, and that regardless of the size, the Republican Tea Party will block it. They'll block it to make Obama lose.

That is precisely what is happening. Boehner has flat-out refused to consider it.

When you show a willingness to cave in, because you do not want the hostages killed, the hostage takers will take hostages every chance they get. Again, and again.

Now Obama is sinking in the polls as well. Not just generally, but on this specific jobs bill. As expected, the Democrats will still vote for him, the Republican Tea Party will not, and the Independents no longer see him capable of solving the unemployment issue since he cannot get any legislation passed.

Predictably, Obama is on his campaign tour, imploring the people to urge Congress to pass his bill. Now remember, this is the same Congress that knows that its approval ratings are in the toilet. But legislators simply do not care, for good reasons.

So what's next?

Obama will cave in and settle for a piece-meal bill. Which obviously will not be effective. But what will get passed would aid corporations and the rich even more. The party to get credit for it will be the Republican Tea Party. They'll be viewed by corporate donors as someone who can get things done, their way. And because the Democrats are gutless, they will not resist when the bill gets denounced as ObamaNoJobsSpending effort.

Couple this with innovative and legal gerrymandering, the Cave-In-Chief is history next November.


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