Sep 17, 2011

Endurance Racing Redux

Blaze had the heart of a warrior with the beauty and brawn to prove it. We were a top-ten team in two states, with a big race coming up, at the time I worked for a newspaper. I asked the Outdoors section editor to cover the biggest end-of-the-year race, for what I thought were obvious reasons, but he said "horses were not Outdoors."

Newspaper people are not often blessed with critical thinking or even much skill in the way of observation, but that comment defied even pretzel logic.

I, of course, took it personally, but he was a writer and an editor where I was merely a backshop printer.

An emotional flibbertygibbet quickly moves on to other tiffs and bruises; the writer was forgotten in the preparation and excitement of the weekend's race.

It was a fantastic race! Blaze and I won!

The next morning our newspaper's rival, a hot young thing taking away readership and ad line, published in their Outdoors section not only coverage of the race, but a picture of the winning team on that front page. Oh my. Is this what Dorothy Parker meant?

"Riding well is the best revenge."

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Staid Winnow said...

Love it!

flibbertygibbet? Really? LOL