Sep 23, 2011

Bristol is the adult here

Have to say it. Except for one lapse where she went homophobic, she was reasonable in asking for one example:

Of course, it is quite likely that the whole thing was a plant. Imagine Bristol riding the bull, disoriented, still being able to pinpoint the guy who shouted obscenities but was not facing her when she walked up behind him, and not facing him when he hurled those epithets.

All of this in a West Hollywood rodeo, with a film crew in tow.  Riiiight!

You also don't insult someone by asking them if they are a faggot homosexual. "Faggot" of course, would have been detrimental to her, er, image. Are you a homo? might have worked, but no, she called him a homosexual.  What's more the paid actor outraged man accepted that insult, and went on about reciting his script.

Most would simply walk away, or let handlers handle it. By not walking away, and not being like, well, Alaska Palin, she showed maturity.

Well, rehearsed maturity anyway.

Poorly acted.

But FOX "News" and the Tea baggers just got a hard-on.

Update:  Appears more and more like it was a setup
From the Daily Mail
Another perspective (Thanks to Bretta Applebaum)


Bretta said...

Yeah, right. She called someone a homosexual as an innocent question.

Staid Winnow said...

It's friggin insane when Levi Johnston, a candidate for the mayor of Wasilla, almost pretends to make more sense than the Palins:

Say, when did the attention shift from the Alaska Palin bashing to what Alaska Palin Jr. sad to an "LA consultant" and his presumed boyfriend?

We need "The Undefeated II" starring Alaska Palin Jr. With a cameo by Joe the Plumber.

Bretta said...

Bristol has all the personality of dust on the windowsill. This reality show is a way to emotionally manipulate American voters who might not have figured out her mother is an inane nitwit not worthy of even being the mayor of a small, rural strip-mall town in a big state with a tiny population.

I contended when the Palins went to Haiti after DWTS and with Samaritan’s Purse, when the photos made it obvious that Bristol was pregnant, that they went there to fake an adoption of a brown baby (reaIly Bristol’s child; I was speculating the father was a man of color).

I said it on the blog Immoral Minority, which the Palin camp reads religiously; the Palins abruptly returned to the US.

Next thing we hear is Bristol is doing a reality show with the lamest premise ever: living with two African-American brothers while the three are to be working a children’s charity. It appears the true purpose is to promote the prurient interests surrounding this Palin's sexuality.

My next guess was the Palins would then “fake adopt” a brown baby from the show's charity for two reasons: the baby would be Bristol’s real child brought back into the family without blowing Bristol's abstinence cover, and Sarah Palin would get street cred amongst American voters who are also people of color.

It has dovetailed so nicely with the story of Sarah's twenty-something interest in a tall dark athletic stranger - why, she doesn't seem racist at all now, in spite of her behavior as governor, firing all the state-employed minorities who also worked her 2006 campaign, and her reprehensible behavior as VP candidate and Tea Party darling.

It may seem like pretzel logic but I have lived in Alaska for nearly 30 years – the antics of Sarah Palin et al are well known to me.

Staid Winnow said...

If she ever admits to sex with a black guy, she's done. The Tea Baggers will dump her instantaneously, the liberals already hate her, and nothing will changes, and the other Republicans will consider her a hypocrite who would do anything and then turn against it. In other words, one you go black, you never go back applies here, in a different way.

All's too quiet after the McGinnis book on the Palin front. Too quiet

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin has always been the master of distraction when something she didn't like came out - the fact that Bristol didn't have enough weight to swing the attention away from McGinniss' book speaks volumes about how much Sarah Palin's star power has diminished.