Jul 8, 2011

Gergen Realizes why Democrats will be Irrelevant Soon

Hey, I have been saying it, and repeating it. The GOP has Obama just where they want them. And he'll cave.

Gergen notes:
In fact, what Republicans actually hope is that the Democrats will once again give in, led there by the president. That is what happened last year when Obama persuaded his party to give up on tax increases on the affluent and instead continue the Bush tax cuts for everyone. Boehner's 50-50 estimate appears to rest on the chance that a similar scenario will unfold now -- that Obama will cajole his party into big-time compromises.
But that possibility is exactly why so many liberal Democrats are angry. They worry Obama is once again surrendering before he has even begun to fight. And in the process, they think, he may be undermining their chances of holding the Senate and regaining the House in 2012.
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Bretta said...

I surely hope that stupid Boner keeps underestimating the President of the United States of America, Barry O'Bama.

Boner is an idiot who couldn't lead a shoal of tiger barbs to a fish fry.