Oct 28, 2015

Collision is Impossible

Following is an informally stated logical argument that establishes that collision between two material bodies is impossible. Find the logical flaw(s) in the deduction, and/or the incorrect assumptions about the Laws of Physics.

1. A collision requires two material bodies to be in contact.2. If two bodies are in contact, then they either a. occupy adjacent points in space, or b. they spatially overlap.3. Space is continuous. Which means that there are no discrete spatial points. Therefore, no spatial point can be adjacent to another.4. Matter cannot occupy the same space as other matter. Therefore, two material bodies cannot spatially overlap.5. Therefore, no two material bodies are ever in contact (2a, 2b).6. Therefore, no two material bodies ever collide.
Q. E. D.
Source reference:The Logical Impossibility of Collision A. David Kline and Carl A. Matheson, Philosophy Vol. 62, No. 242 (Oct., 1987), pp. 509-515.

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