Sep 25, 2015

Boehner is a moderate now!

This is getting entirely too predictable and despite that, deeply depressing.

In somewhat of a surprise, John Boehner resigned today. Suddenly, he is now a moderate. Why? Because he apparently sacrificed his career for the good of the House. Or his party. Heck, even Obama, his arch-rival said
"John Boehner is a good man. It took me by surprise, we have obviously had a lot of disagreements and politically we are at different ends of the spectrum, but he has always conducted himself with the courtesy and civility with me." 
He proceeded to call him a "patriot."

This was the same Boehner who sued Obama, tried to repeal Obamacare some 50 times, reneged on "The Grand Bargain" after agreeing to do what was best for the country, accused him of violating the Constitution, rejected the Iran deal before he had read it…and so on.

But given that he's leaving, suddenly he is deified as a quasi-saint of moderates, and a victim of the "crazies."

So why did he leave?  Well, the monsters he created since becoming the speaker came home to roost because they had a bigger appetite than he could satiate. They wanted to shut the government down unless Boehner insisted on cutting funding to Planned Parenthood (PP).

PP were the target of a manufactured scandal of "selling" baby parts left over from abortion.  The evidence was a set of doctored videos which still did not not show any wrong doing, just callous language. Several investigations by states run by his own party produced zilch. The full length videos produced zilch.  In fact, sale of baby parts was a crime already, and you can be sure that had there been the slightest hint of any malfeasance, this would be playing out differently.

Meanwhile, hearing after hearing on Benghazi conducted with the blessings of Boehner produced nothing but air, and too by his own party's vultures. Yet the House under his leadership pursues another set of Benghazi hearings to this day!

Good of the country?  Bullshit.

So why did he quit?  Because despite his dishonest attempts to smear Obama, and sabotaging every effort to either govern or letting someone else govern, the more vociferous bigots wanted more (and this is yet another reason you do not compromise with bigots; they just want more).

It came down to Boehner's new enemies wanting PP to be defunded, failing which, wanting to force a government shutdown. Having presided over a previously reckless shutdown in 2013 that served no useful purpose and shocked the recovering economy a little, he was loath to repeat the disaster.

The price?  The Democrats had or would have compromised on a budget that is upwards of $3 trillion. But that was not enough. The $500 million used for funding PP had to go as well.  That apparently was the last straw for even these pusillanimous Democrats, and the writing was clear on the wall.  The monster he created had become insatiable, and would not be appeased.

So rather than violate the unwritten rule of the child-molesting Hastert—former Speaker—and serve the nation by passing a bill with the help of the Democrats, he decided to step down. To put it in perspective, a clean bill would have lost 50-60 or so Republicans, but would have passed with some 375 votes.

Good for the nation to keep the government running, right?  Not according to Boehner. To him it mattered more that his party was not blamed on his account.

Now, it is likely that in his lame-duck month, he'll pass a clean funding bill.  But for how long will the government be funded?  My guess is till early December.  Then, we repeat this nonsense.  Only that time, Boehner would be on some radio show blaming Obama, denying himself any blame, and will become a hero as the nation converges on a default. Boehner scared up this drama so that he can fund government for three more months.

Fuck this guy!

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