Jun 23, 2015


Simply masterful!

Check the headlines in the aftermath of the Charleston shootings. Grief, anger, racism, cause, mourning, denial (OK, this was just the baggers, but still), guns, ... Stars and Bars.

The Confederate Flag.

Cries were loud and clear to bring down that flag from governmental buildings in South Carolina (OK, not from the baggers, but still).
Then Nikki Haley announced that she'd champion the effort and get the legislature to do so. Walmart decided that they did not need anymore Confederate dollars, so they banned all that Confederate stuff. eBay and Amazon followed.

As will many others.

With the help of a racist and unwitting MSM, the rightwing has successfully steered the conversation away from guns.

A white racist shot nine black men six black men and three black women in their church.

The debate today is whether to ban a flag, and where. Like I said, simply masterful!

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