Jun 22, 2015

Duplicitous baggery

31 possible cases of voter fraud have been found from 2000-2014. That is 31 out of approximately one billion votes cast in all sorts of elections over a decade and a half.

Bagger solution: Eliminate most of early voting, require specific voter id that coincidentally poses hardships for students and very old voters.  In other words, more laws.

Because apparently even a single case of voter fraud is one too many. And the existing laws are not good enough.

Firearm related homicides in the US are at about 11,000 per year.

Bagger solution: More guns. No more laws.

Because if the existing laws are insufficient to control gun violence, what's one more law going to do?  Besides, criminals do not follow laws (So since murderers do not follow the law and will murder, there is no point in having laws against murder)

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