Oct 22, 2012

LOL at the Anti-PED Crusade

Well, my snap judgment has been validated by the stripping of Lance Armstrong's TdF titles, and the wholesale exodus of support. Sports magazines, sponsors, including many that were staunchly in his corner.

"Disgraced" is the adjective most commonly used these days.

I am quite happy. Not because Lance Armstrong doped—he most likely did—but because his case illustrates the mockery that the crusade against PEDs has become.

Now who won those seven TdFs?


That's right, no-one. Basically the powers-that-be have decided that the sport was so badly tainted that maybe everybody was doping.

So what does that do for the few who were not doping?  Surely there was at least one such cyclist!

It punishes them no worse than it does the dopers.

No, scratch that, it punishes them worse. The dopers got the accolades, the prize money, the endorsements, the things that many athletes live for. Yes, some of it will have to go back, and some will live in ignominy forever, but that is still better than the ones who did not dope and did not win.

Because there will always be people who believe that Lance did not dope, and he'll be a martyr for them.  The other cyclists who never doped?  Well, the best we can hope is someone remembers them besides their families.

This is the problem. PEDs are safer than they ever were, they enhance performance, and unlike other unclassified PEDevices like hip replacements, knee replacements, titanium backed forearms, they are still shunned. It penalizes everyone, including the innocents.

Someday I'll write a post on this, in the meantime I'll enjoy the silly confusion caused by misplaced righteousness.

Remember that Barry Bonds, the record holder for most HRs in a career, in a season, and some in between, the one who has never tested positive, nor admitted to using PEDs, will not be in the MLB HoF, but guess who will likely be?

Andy Pettitte and Alex Rodriguez.


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