Aug 12, 2012

Whoa there FOX "News", easy on the tolerance!

Well, is FOX "News" softening, or is this a ruse?

Both. Shep Smith is likely gay, so we can see why he's going against the grain. Megyn Kelly someday wants to be seen as credible and different, so it is a ruse, and Judge Napolitano (is he a judge still?) is just trying to get on the politically correct libertarian bandwagon.

But the main reason this is happening is because the younger generation is put off by bigoted demagogues telling them that their friends are to be demonized.

And they form the coveted Demo crowd 18-49, with bigots rapidly exiting the top end.

This (fight for continuing bigotry against gays) will fall, just like every bigoted stance through the ages. When it does, I hope we never forget those who fought to preserve bigotry, those who supported them, and not forgive anyone on some lame principle of letting bygones be bygones.

Not until they make amends.

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