Aug 23, 2012

Republicans: Ryan ain't your (VP) candidate!

The view of many conservatives that I hear is that they want a small
government. I wrote about this here.

He is so far in favor of heavy hands in government that he doesn't even want people to have protection of their own civil liberties. He thinks that he knows whatis best for everyone else, regardless of what you value or believe. Want to be able to buy condoms at the drug store so you don't have too many kids (which, I'm sure you'll agree with, is certainly a drain on the welfare system in many cases)? Tough shit, according to Santorum. He believes family planning should be religiously-based and that his
views should be imposed on everyone else.

Furthermore, the majority of Republicans don't want homosexuals to have
access to marriage rights, and don't want women to be able to have
abortions. They think that they knows what is best for everyone else,
regardless of what you value or believe.

Hell, George H.W. Bush doesn't even consider atheists to be Americans!
If that isn't thinking that he knows what is best for everyone else
regardless of what they value or believe, then I don't know what is!

So while Democrats want to impose practices based on economic
oversight, the Republicans want to impose practices based on oversight
of basically everything else.

Oh yeah, unless the oversight actually happens to benefit your
constituents or is your party's line, in which case the most ardent
fiscal conservative Republican will be completely okay with it.

Notable votes of "yea":
No Child Left Behind Act
Social Security Protection Act of 2003
Automotive Industry Financing
Economic Stimulus Plan

Notable votes of "nay":
Appropriations, Tax Law Amendments, and Unemployment Benefit
Amendments ("Stimulus Bill")

However, when it came time to distribute the cash for the Stimulus
Bill, he got right in line among the rest to make sure his state got
some cash.

So much for principles! Sounds a lot more like party politics at its finest.


Staid Winnow said...

You should see what his home state's Republicans have to say:

He is a social conservative, just like Akin, who will favor his rich masters by deficit-spending to give them a tax cut, and start another war

rappoccio said...

All wrapped up in a self-righteous, woman-degrading package.