Jun 25, 2012

The calm before the storm

The SCOTUS ruled today, 5-3 to uphold one of the four contentious clauses in SB1070. A transparent attempt to appear neutral in what was an open and shut case: the federal govt. controls immigration and it cannot be left to the states.

This was almost in line with the forecast I made earlier, I had guessed at least two elements would be upheld, only one was.
These status checks should not "result in prolonged detention," Kennedy said.
Right, how long exactly is prolonged detention, Justice Kennedy?

Thursday, the hammer comes down.

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rappoccio said...

Yeah, I also have little hope for the process here. The SCOTUS has just become yet another politically-motivated ideological wing of the government. The entire point of the SC is to check if the government is self-consistent. That's about it. However it's really become a separate, back-door legislative branch, answering to special interests. If this is supposed to become just another rubber-stamp, at the very least we should be able to vote on them!

Myself, I prefer the SCOTUS of the Constitution, not the shambles it has become.