Jan 7, 2012

McCain Endorsed President Barry Obama for President!

Senator John McCain finally made it up to America for foisting the Grifter Half-Governor Mayor Palin on us - the village idiot who doesn't know her 15 minutes were up several years ago.

Senator McCain, in the presence of tens of tens of placards with the guy's name he went to endorse, spoke the truth, something very unusual for the cast of kooks comprising the Republican field of candidates; unusual for them to speak or understand, but there he did it!

He said President Obama is the guy, the best leader for the United States.

But guess what was really hilarious?

There was a several-second delay, after he endorsed President Obama, before the comment sunk into the dimwit brains of the audience and handlers at his flanks; a very long few seconds, before they leapt in to correct him.

And I didn't think things could get any better at this Circus of the Damned.


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