Jan 4, 2012

Here come the cuts, baggers!

Remember how the machete-wielding members of Koch-sponsored Tea Party movement wanted to cut, cut, cut?

Good, because they just got their wish.

The defense budget was cut.  Boeing is going to close its plant in Wichita. Couldn't have happened to a nicer red state!

I suppose they can go back to passing birther laws, forcing creationism, and pregnancies. Or blaming socialism.

But worry not, KS was and is a moocher state. That means that they get more per dollar in federal redistribution than they pay in taxes. $1.12 for every $1.00 they made, in 2004.

Say, those farm subsidies can be ended too.

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rappoccio said...

This is really apropos, now there needs to be a sequel to "What's the matter with Kansas"