Nov 10, 2011

Sarah Palin & Rick Perry: Separated at Birth?

Rick Perry continues to channel Sarah Palin at the debates without the winky-ness and without the charisma but with her level of erudition and education.

It is wonderful to watch the Republicans continue to meltdown - except the part where Newt Gingrich might possibly be the only one left with enough gravitas to carry the nomination.

Perhaps the GOP could put all the monkeys back in the barrel and give it another shake before the holidays are over. It probably isn't a fair way to play the game but I'm starting to feel sorry for the pathetics.


Staid Winnow said...

The four Palins: Alaska Palin, Minnesota Palin, Georgia Palin, and now Texas Palin.

You forgot Huntsman. Newt lost his gravitas a long time ago, he is now just a bloated turd

Anonymous said...

Huntsman is sitting it out until 2016 - he doesn't want to be associated with the current group - that alone makes him viable.