Oct 11, 2011

Mittney the hypocrite

Perry stung Mittney, and Mittney is pissed.

The fact of the matter is that Rick Perry was expected to coast through the primaries; he was the presumed front-runner before he entered the mud-fight, and then the real front-runner after he did.

White, Southern white, social conservative…has everything that would appeal to the Republican Tea Party.

Was creating jobs when the rest of the country was losing them.

(OK, Ann Richards and Bush the Younger did so in the resource-rich Texas much more prolifically, and Perry created more minimum wage jobs than anything of worth, but we’ll ignore the fine print.)

Had no deficits when the rest of the big states were running one (used the stimulus that he hypocritically ranted against, and faces a $27 billion deficit, but again, we’ll ignore the fine print.)

His state was burning, but he prayed, and people were distracted with his, well, wingnuttery.

So it was smooth sailing to get the nigger black man out of the White House, or so it seemed.

Then he oopsed on that free education for illegal immigrant thingy (not really his decision, mainly Texas’s, but we’ll, once again, ignore the fine print).

All that would still have been fine, till the cash-broke-no-spending-at-any-cost states realized that once the primaries are decided, the Republican klan-o-rama conventions do not make money. That ad money is huge for those economies.

So every state decided to move up their primaries, and Perry found himself staring at a three-run deficit, and it was the sixth inning.

Needed to act fast.

So he played one of his aces in the hole with the Mormon card. No self-respecting tea bagger was ever going to vote a Mormon in any more than he was going to vote a nigger black man in.

The baggers just needed to be reminded.

And Perry "hit it out of the park" with an assist from Jeffress.

Romney is fucked. He was coasting in the wake of the front-runner with Minnesota Palin at first, and Perry later, but Perry slipped (temporarily) so badly that Mitt finds himself exposed.

And there is no way to hide your Mormonism, even if you hide your underwear.

So Mitt had no choice but to demand an apology of sorts from Perry. Otherwise he looks like a doormat. Which, we all know, he won’t get. But Mitt has to at least highlight it for some of those Baptists with the semblance of a conscience.

If Mitt or the Republicans cared about religious intolerance, they would have chided Herb Cain for it.

They do not, and did not, respectively. The only surprise, seemingly, was that Perry played that card so early. He might have had no choice.

What I am amazed (well, no longer) is that none of the journos had the pulse to ask
Guvnur Mittney, Do you believe that ‘that kind of divisiveness based on religion’ has a place in this country when FUCKING MORMONS POUR MONEY INTO PROP 8 IN CALIFORNIA TO DENY GAYS THE RIGHT TO A MARRIAGE, YOU BLOODY HYPOCRITICAL FUCK!
In case you are wondering, Perry has asked Mittney to go fuck himself.  Through his spokesorifice, Miner:
The governor does not agree with every single issue of people that endorsed him or people that he meets, this political rhetoric from Gov. Romney isn't going to create one new job or help the economy. He's playing a game of deflection and the people of this country know this.

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