Oct 17, 2011

Dont listen to the scientists because it doesn't matter

It is fine if Rick Perry and his political appointees gut a serious environmental report regarding the effects of climate change on Galveston Bay; it is as meaningless and as useless as the governor.

It is too late, much too late, to do anything about the man-made effects that are destroying the earth's climate; the effects will kill 90 percent of the human population before 2050 (probably sooner). I'm not making this up to be a doomsayer.

We have played with the fire of our greed too long. Those who know can show the damage, as measured in the rapid rise in carbon dioxide, is happening much, much faster than the model predicted just a few years ago.

Soon the fact that Texas is an unquenchable burning bush will have no meaning because it will become commonplace.

Rick Perry is an icon of ignorance, of insanity harbored in ideology. I just can't imagine how he became a loser to Herman Cain.

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