Oct 2, 2011

Destruction of Salmon Habitat

A foreign country is seeking the opportunity to develop the largest strip mine in the world in the world’s largest, most productive salmon habitat, which is located in the USA, in the great state of Alaska.

If one thing, just one thing, goes wrong (and how could that possibly happen?) then the salmon fishery is destroyed forever.

This statement is not histrionics, just fact.

The salmon fishery will most likely be destroyed forever just in the process of developing, of initiating, the strip mine, but that destruction is not part of the narrative, the plan outline, at the moment.

It is up for a vote very soon, and a lot of money is being thrown at the issue.

The horror of losing prime salmon habitat weighs most heavily on me.

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Akathunder said...

Pebble as it stands will be an environmental disaster. People need to vote no, on Tuesday.