Sep 2, 2011

Panties in a Bunch!

Well, another 9/11 is here, and another obligatory dog and pony show is set to go off in New York. This one hosted by Obama and Bloomberg.

This one has an interesting element to it.  The speakers will be Obama and Bloomberg of course, Governor Cuomo, city officials, politicians, and family members of the victims.

OK, so what's so interesting about that?  Well, it is the group that is missing from the list of speakers.  That's right, the fucking clergy.

And that's got them upset. Now, some family members do belong to the clergy, and they will be allowed to speak, offer 'spiritual' messages, etc. But apparently that is not enough for those who want to assert their Christian Nation rights.

Good. Nothing like pissing off the clergy who confuse their right to participate with a right to thump their Bibles from a grief pulpit.

It wasn't Faith that moved thos... oh wait, it was Faith that moved those skyscrapers. It is time we acknowledged that.


Bretta said...

Good points.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as someone who works in DC, as someone who was supposed to be in the Pentagon the day it got hit, as someone that knows people that were there the day it got hit, as someone that had to go into the damaged sections only a few days after it got hit, as someone who participated in the first ceremonies after the restoration of the Pentagon ... I think we should move on.

Staid Winnow said...

Yup. Time to build Ground Zero. Prime real estate like that, would be a waste to do nothing.

I wouldn't put it past the next Republican POTUS to declare 9/11 as a national holiday.