Sep 3, 2011

Coulter's Panties in a Bunch!

The she-troglodyte and a generally disgusting Ann has been reduced to blogging on WingNutDaily, and has been recently found railing on evolution. Obviously to get Perry to take her panties, or be in them (now there's a visual), which he wouldn't do not because he is only suspected to be gay, and not a cross-dresser.

Anyhoo, the big claims seems to be the same old one "Where are the fossils?" Creationists expect a fossil for every transitional form, which is like saying that unless you have a running video of every moment of one's life from the time dad deposited his love-lotion into mum, the person standing before you was created exactly like that just now. By Zeus.

Fossilization is a natural process, and requires the serendipity of a precise set of a large number of conditions that bury living things such that they get fossilized. Every generation is a transitional form, so there cannot be enough fossils for creationists to ever see.

It is like seeing a video of cops beating Rodney King, or another of cops beating a random black man and concluding "Well, if there was really a problem of police brutality, why don't we see thousands of videos for these thousands of allegations?"

Yes, it is that idiotic.

What really does it in for this specific Wingnut Daily article is that the specific fossils she wants scientists to find, have actually been found.

Get under a rock Coulter, perhaps your body will get fossilized.  Your brain is already there.

Update: PZ has a  response using biology.

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