Sep 5, 2011

Minnesota Palin is Done!

Ed Rollins whose ego is slightly bigger than Alaska Palin's—justifiably so since he actually got someone elected—has quit on Minnesota Palin.

'Planned restructuring strategy' is what the campaign called it. Yup, that too was written by Ed Rollins when he quit. Apparently he only just found out that he cannot work that many long hours, and that this is how he had always planned, and will still help the airhead, etc. Sometimes people do not realize that they'll turn 69 till, well, they are 68 years old.

All he managed was get Minnesota Palin to pay 5,000 people to visit her petting zoo + chairs + Randy Travis tent-o-palooza at the Iowa straw poll, and even then he could only get some 81% of them to vote for her.

Think about it, you lose 20 percent of the people you are paying to cast a vote for you in a meaningless straw poll! It's as if Mr. Minnesota Palin were to announce that she needs gay therapy, because of that submissive thing.

Here's Rollins's ringing endorsement:
The Perry-Romney race is now the story, with us the third candidate.
So she is now third after a Tea bagging inquisition led by Jim DeMint today where the front-runner did not even show up.

What's the Republican world coming to when the most rabid God+guns+abortion+gays anti-science position is no longer sufficient?

Oh, did I mention that Perry's #45 jerseys are being printed, as we speak?

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