Sep 6, 2011

Choosing the lesser of two evils. Part Dos

Remember when Perry skipped The Tea Bagger Inquisition?  That was just a couple of days ago. And guess what happened? Minnesota Palin was finished. Nothing like a strategy of doing nothing and knocking off one of your opponents.

(The Democrats should try that with the Bush tax cuts.)

So where was he? He was busy in Texas watching God destroy the state with wild fires. It had to be God, because, well, who else would do such a thing?

So the next stop is the next GOP debate in California. Reagan, Nixon, and John Birch Society country. You know, this is where Romney and Cain and Paul and... Dopey and Sneezy and The Newt try to tear into Perry, the front-runner.

Perry's response?

Stick with what's working. He is indicating that he might skip the debate. So all the also-rans and never-weres can do is bash Obama, evolution, science, ratchet up gays, guns, abortion and God, and take only subtle digs at Perry. Mild enough that the pea-brained tea baggers won't notice. Hey, the VP slot is still available.

Think anyone will notice?

Yes, the people who'll find these knuckle draggers spewing bilious platitudes as cranks, while Perry looking like he's more concerned about real problems.  Notice I said looking like not working hard to solve.

Watch for his poll ratings to take a bump after the debate. A debate in which he does not even participate.  He is already tied with Mitt in California.

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