Aug 17, 2011

Parenting 101

Amber Hahn was recently arrested for driving drunk, and losing a heated argument with a tree. Collateral damage included her car, the tree and some endangerment of her three children.

We can only hope they were in the back seat.

So who is Amber? No, Amber does not appear to be related to Jessica, but certainly is worthy of her street-cred.

Amber was the outraged, incensed, tea-baggin' mother who was fed up with the union thugs of Wisconsin, and she "took it no more" on  "Fox and Friends", a wholly owned subsidiary of the 24/7 propaganda machine that is FOX "News".

Here, see how outraged she was:

See? Objective journalism. They report, you they decide. If that is the plight of a common mom, can you imagine how bad it is for those on welfare?

As it turned out, she wasn't exactly a common mom, she was the GOP Party chair of Columbia County in Wisconsin, and was upset at the pro-union instruction in public schools. Naturally she would have preferred that instead of teaching Mao's dietary habits they concentrated on Eve's "An apple a day, keeps the Mao away". And oh yes, no government overreach.

I am tuning in daily to see how they present the other side. I want to see if Gretchen's hair moves in the slightest at the outrage of environmental terrorists hugging that tree!

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