Aug 14, 2011

My Mom is So Funny, page 6, Reunion

Mom got a phone call from a classmate, Mary Alice, who had attended the All School Reunion this weekend back in their old home town. Mom & her classmates are so up in years this small-town school doesn't hold a reunion for the class year, but for all students who wish to attend.

We heard the only ones from her class there were Marge, Mary Alice, and Edith.

I said I had never heard of Edith before (I thought I knew all her classmates) she said I wouldn't want to know her. This shocks me a bit because my mother, albeit adroit with her sharp tongue, has always been polite about people. She said Edith has no personality. I don't know what that means. More surprising, this is someone mom has remembered over all these years yet never mentioned.

Living with my mother the last year-and-a-half, I've learned more gossip about my parents' cohorts than I ever imagined possible.

She is so animated and happy tonight hearing about the reunion - expressing her regret to her friend that she now lives with me and could not attend. I was happy that she knows where she's at - that we couldn't go, but then she asked Mary Alice if the chairman had read her letter.

I asked what letter is that?

She says she wrote a letter on her computer to the chair, and had mailed it, but she wasn't surprised that he hadn't read it because the only people he cared about were the football players. Now I'm wondering what that implies.

Somehow, I think the social idiosyncrasies we are concerned about these days are not new.

Perhaps more scandalous in days gone past, perhaps not; it appears they were just tolerated a different way.

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Staid Winnow said...

She uses a computer and was caring enough to pen a letter?

That shows zeal. To speak out on things you feel strongly about.