Jul 5, 2011

Why Democrats are Irrelevant: Part 1291

The PuffHo reports, with video coverage no less, that Luis Gutierrez is angry and is not going to take it any more. Just like he didn't take it any more last year.

Now what? Hold your breath till Obama does what no one wants to do? Obama, who has to wait till public polling hits at least 78% before his views "evolve"?

Face it Luis, it is not worth the political capital Obama will have to spend to make you happy. For Obama. You see, he has his re-election efforts foremost on his mind. 

Predictably FOX "News" has this to say in its rather subdued headlines:

Congressman Screams for Obama to Bypass Congress and Grant Amnesty

Guess who is hurt most by the war of words.  Well, actually the monologue.

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