Jun 20, 2011

No wonder the GOP keeps coming back!

The Democrats never do anything. OK, anything may be too strong, but their entire campaign, every friggin' time, is a big warning that the Republicans will ruin it for the rest of us.

There are three main reasons why nothing gets done on immigration reform:
  1. The Democrats do not want to alienate what they see as a sympathetic voter base of Latinos.
  2. The Republicans do not want cheap, below minimum-wage labor taken away from businesses who are usually sympathetic to them in the form of campaign funds.
  3. Religion. Wannabe megachurch pastors swindlers swelling their ranks.
In this sense, I agree almost exactly with the kooky lady who I sometimes ridicule on the Patch. The key difference being it is not the "libruls" who are entirely responsible.

But if you are a Latino like Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), why would you threaten Obama with the ire of Latinos? Unless you believe that the alternative, i.e., electing an AntiObama--a Republican by any other name--is better, you would be advised to not make an ass of yourself. You are threatening Obama for deporting too many illegal immigrants!

Think about the Zen-like stupidity inherent in that. You discredit yourself, fuel the GOP propaganda machine FOX "News" that Democrats want more illegal immigration, and distract from Obama's record of deporting illegal immigrants in larger numbers than his predecessor.

About on par with Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO president, who recently warned Democrats that they may not help them at the ballot box, unless....

Yeah, letting the GOP win because you want to pout about your grievances, is better.

Much better!

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Julie said...

My thoughts exactly.