Jul 2, 2011

Birther Adds Deather to his Title

Southern Californians are familiar with this kook: Pastor Wiley Drake. Among the several kooky things he has done--rather indistinguishable from what many other, more prominent wingnuts do--is to offer deprecatory prayers to have God kill Obama. He also ran an unsuccessful campaign for the same coveted political office as Alaska Palin in 2008.

I suppose God either said "NO", or is mulling it over, and hasn't said "YES". I am going with the latter, but for entirely different reasons than what fellow believers of Drake's, offer.

Naturally, he is convinced that Obama was born somewhere not in the USA. Like Kenya or something. He has filed lawsuits and the fools in his congregation are soon going to be parted with their monies.


So what happened when Obama dropped the long form on him, and on the dude with the bird nest on his head?

Nothing.  He belongs to the privileged class of people who do not look for evidence to confirm their beliefs, and therefore, as a matter of principle, do not accept evidence when it contradicts their beliefs.
Obama is desperate. He put out that piece of garbage paper that everyone is talking about. You don’t have to be an expert to look at it and say that was poorly done.

Astute, and by that I mean dumb-ass-douche-bag, isn't he? Yet, if the kook were to run for office against Obama in Red County today, he'd still garner more votes because there is a reason why kooks like him get to be privileged: other kooks. Plenty of them.

At any rate, the birther finds his title somewhat bland, and has this to offer on bin Laden's death:
I am a former private investigator. I have done investigations. And in my investigation what I’ve found out is 2007 is when Osama bin Laden died. He died from kidney failure in 2007. He’s been dead since 2007. But Obama though came out and said that the command in chief now is going to we went after the bad guy, justice has been served. So they resurrected bin Laden. There’s no evidence….That’s a lie. We didn’t kill Osama bin Laden. Kidney failure killed him.


(That is not satire, he really is was running for POTUS 2012.)

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Bretta said...

All the examples of poor English published out there and repeated in this post and your previous one have pinched a nerve in my brain.

I will be in traction for a while.