Jul 2, 2011

Don't what?

cut services?  provide services? With Obama, either makes sense

Obama supporters, he is selling you out, and will ruin the rest of us as well.,0,6647968.story


Bretta said...

Krugman missed it.

President Obama has to say the platitudes to comfort the idiots of the Republican Party: he has repeated their rhetoric back to them; he is a shrewd politician and has been grooming the GOP to do his bidding in short order. He's already got Boner eating out of his hand.

Watch and learn.

Shripathi Kamath said...

Here's what I predict will happen:

The top tax bracket will remain the same, some loopholes in business expenses will be closed, businesses will get a lower tax rate, Medicare and Social Security will be cut or set on a path to cuts, the Social Security payroll relief will continue (next generation of Bush tax cuts, essentially), and there will be massive cuts to programs that Democrats care about. Some farm and oil subsidies may be cut or reduced.

The deficits will persist.

Obama will call it a good compromise, where no one gets what they wanted completely, but how it was important to get something done because we cannot let the collapse of the US.

Democrats will claim deep disappointment, and basically slither away.

GOP will simultaneously claim victory and complain that the cuts were not deep enough.

Bretta said...

...and still no Republican will have put forth one item, not one iota, of effort to accomplish the infrastructure to increase jobs.

Yet, in some strange twisted way, Republicans will claim credit for the improving numbers regarding unemployment.


Shripathi Kamath said...

True. Which is why these Democrats will be irrelevant after the cave-in.

They do nothing, they stand for nothing, they propose nothing, and they defend nothing. They simply roll over.

When they eat cereal in the morning, their faces are covered with milk with Cheerios sticking to them. A consequence of having no spine.

I admire Paul Krugman. He is the one knowledgeable liberal left, it'd seem who knows anything about the economy.