Nov 17, 2008

Gay marriage opponents, please reflect on this

1. If you really, really want to preserve the sanctity of marriage, should you not be clamoring for a proposition that bans divorce, since divorce is the leading cause of death of all marriages?

2. If you are married, then please describe in gruesome detail how your marriage absolutely lost all meaning when Jacqueline and Melissa got married. Who, you ask? Well, if you do not even know them, then was your marriage really affected? OK, to make it easier, how did your marriage lose all its meaning when Ellen Degeneres and Portia di Rossi tied the knot?

3. Please describe the basis of a traditional marriage. What, or who defines what a marriage constitutes? If you say it is tradition, explain why a tradition, specifically this one, needs to be unchanging since many traditions are not. It was, for example, a tradition that only men could participate in voting in an election.

4. If you feel that some religious body or belief defines marriage, can you find its position to have changed from allowing multiple wives to a single one? Can you find the tradition of divorce in the same body of belief? Do you not find any conflicts at all?

5. If the word 'marriage' is being hijacked, hasn't the word 'gay' been hijacked a lot earlier? Should we be clamoring for a ban on that usage?

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